Roommate finders for people with disabilities

  1. Disability - I had a brain hemorhage.
  2. / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  3. Information for Seniors

Roommate Finder can also help identify individuals who have similar interests for friendships that can be developed and nurtured prior to moving out.

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This can be part of your long-term planning for your child for one, three or five years down the road. Click on the title to download a flyer.

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Toggle navigation. Roommate Finder. Click here to begin your roommate search. Please note there will be no meeting in April.

Disability - I had a brain hemorhage.

Home seekers can search by city, county or zip code, as well as by cost and unit size. The amount of assistance provided for shelter is reduced when accommodation is shared with someone other than a dependant. Shelter costs can be approved for a second residence on a temporary basis as long as the person meets specific disability related criteria.

Intent of Policy To provide assistance for shelter costs up to the maximum amounts allowable. Application of Policy Standards The maximum amount of assistance that can be provided for shelter is based on family size as set out in the table below. Other shelter costs related to the principal residence may include the following subject to the maximum shelter amount: Rent. The rental agreement is reviewed to assess what is included in the rent and to determine which costs can be included in the shelter calculation. Costs for mandatory cable related to building security can be included in the shelter calculation as well as mandatory cable or telephone costs, subject to the shelter maximum. / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

In addition, mandatory costs related to normal rental accommodation services such as garbage disposal and laundry facilities can be included. However, where costs are not mandatory or not necessary for the preservation, maintenance and use of the dwelling place, they cannot be included in the shelter calculation. Costs related to parking, even if the costs are mandatory, cannot be included in the shelter calculation.

Principal and interest on a mortgage or loan. Principal and interest can be included in the shelter calculation.

Property taxes can also be included if they are part of the mortgage or loan payment. The mortgage agreement should be reviewed to identify what is included in the payment amount.

Information for Seniors

In cases where a recipient has a Manulife One account mortgage, the mortgage sub account should be reviewed to verify payments. Property Taxes. If not included in a mortgage or loan payment, can be included in the shelter calculation. Occupancy costs paid under an agreement to purchase. This cost can be included in the shelter calculation.

Insurance premiums for the dwelling place and its contents. The cost of fire insurance and content insurance can be included in the shelter calculation. Second Residence. The co-operative may charge common expenses to cover items such as building maintenance, snow removal and garbage collection or other items. These amounts can be included in the shelter calculation. Condominium corporations usually levy a monthly fee for common expenses for the use and upkeep of property and often include costs for grounds keeping, snow removal, garbage collection, utilities, and energy for heat.

People with no shelter costs do not receive a shelter allowance. Joint Ownership. Pay full shelter up to the shelter maximum - Where a principal residence is jointly owned between an ODSP recipient resident and a non- ODSP recipient non-resident allow full shelter costs to the ODSP recipient residing in the home alone.

Shared Accommodation. Recipients are required to provide documentation of the total shelter costs and their share e. Rent Abatements. The Landlord and Tenant Board may order an abatement of rent under the Residential Tenancies Act, , when a landlord has acted wrongfully. For example, the landlord may not have provided required repairs, illegally entered the premise, changed locks without providing a key, withheld a vital service, interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the premise, harassed the tenant, or withheld consent to sublet the premise.

An abatement order is meant to relieve the tenant of an obligation to pay some or all of the rent. The abatement order may apply until a repair is completed, or to a previous period of time resulting in the landlord owing the tenant money. When an abatement is received, income support is recalculated for the time period covering the abatement order, using the corrected rental amount in the shelter calculation. Compensation Orders. A compensation order of this nature is not to be considered income.

Mortgage Disability Insurance. However, the mortgage payments are not a cost to the applicant and should not be included in the shelter calculation.