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However, no matter how careful you are with your finances, it is still possible for an unexpected situation to come up that causes you to fall behind on your debt repayments. If this happens, there is a risk of getting a lien placed on your financial assets or property.

Arizona Lien Records Search

Some liens can even be used to garnish your wages. A finical institution, including the government, can attach a lien to a property if the owner is behind on their loan payments. If someone is behind on their taxes, they can have a tax lien placed on their property by the government and tax liens can take up to 7 years to be taken off your credit report.

There are several reasons you may want to look up Arizona lien records.

NETR - Environmental Lien and AUL State Statutes

You may wish to check if liens that you had against your property have be removed after you repaid your debts. Real estate investors may have an interest in properties that have liens placed against them because they often result in foreclosure. Foreclosed homes can be bought for a fraction of the price and resold for significant profit. There are a couple ways Arizona residents can search lien records.

Accessing Arizona Public Records

The first method involves going through your local county clerk or county recorder. You will have to submit a formal public record request, and it could take several days for you to get the records and cost a nominal fee. The second method involves searching online databases. Online public record databases make searching for Arizona lien records very simple. Typically a simple name search is all that is required to look up public lien records.

Just enter a first and last name and begin searching. You will find instant results and currently there is a 5 day free trial where anyone can lookup lien records for free.

Or, contact us today for a free tax debt relief consultation at Follow Us! Tax Liens Federal Tax Lien A tax lien is a statutory right obtained by the government to enforce a claim against the property of a person owing taxes until the debt is paid. Talk to one of our tax experts today. Company Personal This field is required.

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They are entered, indexed in the computer, and microfilmed. Election Records The Recorder also supplies and retains voter registration forms.

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As well as, assigning registration records to its proper precinct, preparing the voter list for candidates and political parties, and preparing voter rosters for the voting polls. The Recorder must also send quarterly registered voter by party reports to the Secretary of State. Document Availability Searchable documents exist starting with Search the Recordings Index Payments The Santa Cruz County Recorder's office is now accepting credit card payments in person or by phone.

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