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You can contact your Victim Advocate if you want them to appear at the court setting with your or if you want to provide information, such as restitution information or a Victim Impact Statement.

Guide to the 5 Jails in Maricopa County, Arizona

If a trial is held, you will be required to appear and testify in open court. However, you can always have a Victim Advocate link with you. Your advocate can meet you and take you to court. Your advocate can also provide security to and from your vehicle. You can also bring a friend or family member for emotional support. To request an advocate to accompany you to court, please call and ask to speak to the advocate assigned to your case. The defendant was booked into jail for a Domestic Violence offense. Now what happens? Within 24 hours of being arrested and booked into jail, the defendant will appear in a special court within the jail to be arraigned by a judge on the charges.

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Will the defendant be released from jail after being arraigned on the charges? The judge will decide whether it is appropriate for the defendant to be released.

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The judge will hear from the prosecutor, defense, and you, if you wish to be heard, before making this decision. If the judge decides to release the defendant, the judge can impose certain conditions on the defendant in order to remain out of custody, such as requiring a bond money to be posted, forfeiting weapons, forbidding contact with you or other victims, or other conditions that must be followed while the case is ongoing.

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Can I tell the judge anything at the jail court arraignment? How can I do this? As the victim, you have the right to be present and heard about the release conditions. If you want to be heard by the judge on whether the defendant should be released or not, or any conditions you want to be imposed, you must contact the Victim Services Unit immediately at or, if it is after 5pm or on the weekend, contact the Jail directly at There are different ways to be heard: you can appear in person at the jail, write a Victim Impact Statement , or ask the Advocate to convey your position.

Your Victim Advocate can help you will these options.

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If you would like to be notified if the defendant is released, call the Jail's Victim Notification Line at ; to find out the defendant's status, bond amount, or jail facility information, call It is important to understand that the defendant may be released after arraignment. If you feel you may be in danger upon that person's release, we encourage you to convey that information to the jail court judge.

Above all, you should take necessary steps to ensure your safety. Is there any restriction on possessing weapons if a defendant is convicted of domestic violence? A person convicted of a Domestic Violence offense is prohibited from owning a firearm or ammunition.

It is a federal felony offense for a person convicted of a misdemeanor crime of Domestic Violence involving physical force or the threat of physical force to possess a firearm or ammunition. As a victim of a crime in Arizona, you have special rights pursuant to the Victim Bill of Rights. You can invoke your rights on this website.

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