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  1. 10 Worst Car Accidents in NASCAR History
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  3. Worst Race Car Crashes | List of YouTube Crash Videos

She was able to stop in timeher instincts told her to get out of the car quickly and it was a good thing she did. A car that could not stop in time, sideswiped her vehicle and skidded into the back of a wrecked wheeler. All of a sudden, another wheeler, tires squealing, slams into the back of the car. The two people in that car died.

10 Worst Car Accidents in NASCAR History

Clean-up took a couple of days. The deceased removed A huge section of the interstate had to be completely rebuilt, from the ground up. Soon afterward, the Tennessee Department of Transportation installed a fog detection system, that once activated, alerted drivers with warning signs, flashing lights and lowered speed limits. The instances of crashes in northern Bradley County and McMinn County dramatically decreased over the years as drivers paid attention to the warnings.

The detection system operates to this day, and was recently modified with high-definition, swivel cameras that can rotate degrees with zoom capability. They just don't know what might up right in front of them that they can't stop for.

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There's even been talk of equipping all new vehicles with standard equipment that automatically brakes the car if it detects a stationary object in the fog ahead of it that the driver cannot see yet. Some vehicles have that technology right now. The I fog zone accident still ranks as the worst traffic accident in Tennessee history. The federal government ranks it in the top 5 worst traffic accidents of all time in the United States. The fog put us in a circumstance where all of our lives changed.

At the Exit 36 off-ramp, he saw a sight that would change his life forever. All of this right in front of her. Avondale neighbors say bullying led Orchard Knob 4th grader to take his own life. Teacher, principal sue Polk County Schools in federal court. On Interstate 96 stretching across Lower Michigan, one of the major pile-ups that happened on our list came in the year Around vehicles were involved in the crash, and this event was also due to fog, killing two people and injuring many others.

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  2. Worst Car Accidents in History.
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  4. The date was the 12th of January. Wintry mornings are usually known for dense fogs, and this is why it has become risky for drivers living among the cold parts of the world, as warm air pockets moves along the top of the cold to cause dense fogs to form over these area. On the 20th of March, , Mobile, a city in the US state of Alabama, saw a massive pile up due to fog. Around vehicles were damaged in this accident, and a lot of people were injured as well. Though one person died in this accident, the massive tragedy of the incident due to fog has made the drivers extra cautious while driving through these parts at the end of March still more than two decades later.

    Sadly, even here even over 90 people were seriously injured in this pile up.

    Most Unbelievable Motorsport Crashes [No Music]

    Paramedics had to go and help these people in need at the earliest time they could reach them amid the wreckage. Excessive fog caused this road accident on Freeway Even though only around five people were seriously injured in this accident, around vehicles were damaged. Once again, poor visibility was one of the reasons for the vehicles to go skidding and set the pile up into motion.

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    This event happened on the 3rd of November, Among the toll of damages that day, 70 vehicles were destroyed and around 45 bikers were hurt. The accident caused the Interstate and Highway 91 to remain closed for several hours as well. Snowstorms are common in Czech Republic, and this was one of the reasons which provoked this accident of enormous proportions.


    The Highway at Vysocina highlands, leading to Prague from Brno, was where on the 20th of March, , over vehicles piled up. Over six people were critically injured, and they were taken to the facilitates in nearby cities for hospitalization. The entire highway in the risky Vysocina highlands were closed down due to the heavy snowstorm, and traffic was allowed only to commence there on the following morning.

    Worst Race Car Crashes | List of YouTube Crash Videos

    On the 19th of July, , heavy rain proved to be disastrous as crashes of massive proportions occurred in Braunschweig, Germany. The stretch of Autobahn A2 in Lower Saxony was the place where vehicles piled up that day. Around 10 people were critically injured in this highway crash. This could be counted as one of the most severe damages to have happened in transportation due to rains. The loss was of epic proportions, and the resultant insurance claims were filed for high values as well. Once again, one of the worst highway crashes in the history of multiple-vehicle collisions occurred due to dense fog.

    The event in Sao Paulo, Brazil , at Rodovia dos Imigrantes highway, over vehicles became piled up, injuring thirty people and killing one. This accident occurred on the 15th of September, , and the pile up was stretched along for around 2 kilometers, with quite a large number of vehicles even seen caught on fire as a result.

    The accident was of such intensity that it was said to be truly colossal in consideration of the reach of its impact. The largest car pile-up ever recorded happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil in It involves at least motor vehicles. Let us now look at the most massive pile ups that have ever been recorded to have happened, whether due to poor weather conditions and visibility on highways and expressways around the world or otherwise