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Supervision describes a variety of oversight or coordination including fact-finding and analysis, providing appraisal tools and equipment, providing technical and professional services, education and certifying appraisal personnel, and enforcing laws, regulations, and standards. The office has the power to alter individual appraisals on its own initiative in order to correct clerical errors, assess previously omitted property, exempt property assessed in error, and correct appraisal inequities.

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The tax assessor must locate and identify all taxable property in the county. The primary tools used to locate taxable property are ownership maps, which plot every parcel of land within the county and are kept up to date with all deeds that are filed as of January 1 of each year. In the case of personal property used in a business, there are statutes that prescribe the administrative procedures to locate and identify such property.

For example, the taxpayer is required to file a return listing taxable personal property with the assessor, who then audits the return. The assessor also makes an inventory of the quantity, quality, and important characteristics of all taxable property.

An inventory is essential to the assurance of taxation equity. In the assessing of real estate, a drawing is necessary to establish the size of improvements. Information used to appraise the property will be gathered at this time and notes will be taken as to the use of the property as well as the material used to construct the improvements. The office utilizes all appropriate appraisal techniques to estimate value and it is critical the estimation be carried out in a quality manner in order to ensure equitable distribution of the tax burden.

To determine the extent, the assessor reviews legislation affecting the taxable status of properties and property owners within the county. The tax assessor must also calculate the assessed value of each property.

Property Sale History By Address

The assessor determines the correct property class as prescribed by statute. Class 1 property entails single-family, owner-occupied residential property. Class 2 property includes all other real estate. Class 3 property is described as personal property in businesses. Furthermore, the tax assessor prepares and certifies the assessment roll of the county. The assessor lists all properties and prints the roll in a form that satisfies all statutory requirements.

Current Tax Deed Sales and Surplus Funds as of October 23, 12222.

The assessor must then prepare a certificate attesting to the sufficiency of the roll as well as compliance with the statutory provision for its preparation. The assessment roll is then presented to the Board of Supervisors by the statutory delivery date. The tax assessor also must notify owners of the assessed values of their properties and defend the estimated values as well as the valuation methods during appeals by taxpayers.

At the time of a formal appeal, the assessor will be tasked to justify valuations to the Board of Supervisors and taxpayer. In the State of Mississippi, assessment statutes require assessment rolls be prepared on annual basis since local property taxes are levied in such a manner. The rolls must be based on ownership as of January 1 of the assessment year.

Lee County Arkansas - turewimbpast.ml - turewimbpast.ml

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