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Maximizing Your Online Job Search

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What is the dark web? How to access it and what you'll find | CSO Online

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Best people search services 12222: Find the people missing from your life

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The happn team wants to know what you think. This chapter treats the task of person name disambiguation as a document clustering problem, where it is assumed that the documents represent particular people. This leads to the person cluster hypothesis, which states that similar documents tend to represent the same person.

About the Scheme

On the SemEval Web People Search it is shown that the person cluster hypothesis holds reasonably well and that the Single Pass Clustering and Agglomerative Clustering methods provide the best performance. Resolving person names in web people search. N2 - Disambiguating person names in a set of documents such as a set of web pages returned in response to a person name is a key task for the presentation of results and the automatic profiling of experts.