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A sequel to Jurassic World feels like it should be a sure bet for Universal. The film was a massive hit at the box office, enough so that the studio has already announced a third film in the franchise , slated for And people remain fully in love with the Jurassic Park franchise as a whole. But Jurassic World was not without its criticisms, and there was some hope among fans of the original that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom might represent a step up from its predecessor with new director J. The setup here is simple enough: Three years after the chaos of Jurassic World , the remaining dinosaurs on Isla Nublar are in danger of becoming extinct due to the presence of an active, lava-spewing volcano.

Admittedly, some aspects of the script for Fallen Kingdom feel like necessary and welcome course-correction. Pratt and Howard are reasonably charming to watch, more so than in the original. But the movie surrounding them, and the plenty talented cast, is often riddled with stupid character choices that feel less like natural reactions these people might make as much as decisions the writers force them to make so we can get another dino-styled action sequence.

Fair warning. Additionally, Jack Ewins stated on Twitter that the RV's Dilophosaurus screensaver was accurate, cementing the first movie's depiction as a juvenile. Furthermore, in archival behind-the-scenes material involving Steven Spielberg, Stan Winston, and Jack Horner, Winston explained that the Dilophosaurus being so small in the first film was due to it being a younger individual.

When Owen and Claire come across the fatally wounded Apatosaurus comforting her as she dies, implies this is one of the few times if not the first Claire physically interacts with the dinosaurs. This is Colin Trevorrow 's second theatrical movie. This movie is not the first time a Mosasaurus has appeared in the Jurassic Park franchise. However, it only has two sides. The side with the observation deck, and the side with the door, and is made of steel, styrofoam, chicken wire, and plywood. The scratches on the wall remain, as do the tablets in the observation deck.

A "jungle expedition" tour at the ranch takes visitors right through the main door of the paddock and onwards. Just through the main door is the river where the Indominous Rex camouflaged itself, along other set pieces from movies such as Kong: Skull Island The custom tranquilizer rifles used to fire at the escaped Pterosaurs are loaded with box magazines, and are semi-automatic. Property master Guillaume DeLouche stated in the Jurassic Props featurette that these rifles were made specifically for this movie, as there is no such thing as a semi-automatic multi-dart tranquilizer gun.

He also stated that the rifle's automatic bolt action was powered by a nitrogen canister mounted in the stock. When the Indominus Rex is searching for Owen and Claire in the garage of the visitor center, she pulls her head out because of the smell of dinosaur manure. When Hoskins uses finger-snapping to poorly imitate Owen's clicker-commands, he doesn't give the "I am your alpha" sign. He gives the "prepare to be fed" sign.

When it's revealed that the Indominus Rex has raptor genes, Hoskins' borderline obsession with Owen's raptor-taming program makes even more sense. If a person could successfully tame a raptor, then the same techniques could possibly be used to tame a miniature Indominus Rex as well. While the origin of Indominus Rex's snake DNA has not been confirmed, it is likely it comes from the snake family Crotalinae, better known as the "pit vipers", or "pit adders", because she was described as tracking the warmth signatures from the visitors, and pit vipers are known to be able to sense heat signatures.

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The Indominus Rex's intelligence is shown to surpass that of the Velociraptors, and even humans. Its brainpower is greater than any dinosaur seen in the movies prior to it, perhaps rivaled by Jurassic Park 's vicious Velociraptor alpha, "The Big One". Both hunted for sport, briefly commanded other dinosaurs, reacted very little to sensations around them, killed or ate other dinosaurs with which they were raised the Indominus Rex cannibalizing her sibling, and The Big One killing five other Velociraptors with which she lived, either to become the dominant Velociraptor, self-preservation, or out of downright sociopathy fought Rexy, and were certifiable sociopaths even by animal standards , which is the term for animals and humans that are insane from hatching or birth.

Likewise, both were recorded to having started to anticipate from where the food would come, and then attempting to attack their feeders. Chris Pratt revealed in the commentary for Passengers that he stole the survival knife his character uses in this movie, and still has it to this day. In the storyboards of this movie, the Aviary appeared before the Indominus Rex broke into it. The gyrosphere valley has a large general herbivore paddock where various different species are allowed to roam free and intermingle with each other, visitors are allowed to roam unsupervised in the herbivore paddock in glass gyrospheres that would not be able to withstand a sustained assault from an enranged herbivore, with fans claiming that the gyrospheres don't seem to be entirely safe for the dinosaurs either, noting that it would be like putting animals in a bumper cars arena, the website claims though that the gyrospheres have an automated fail-safe, they immediately move out of the way when too close to one of the animals, but this doesn't appear evident in the movie as Zach and Gray's gyrosphere is able to get within a hairs length of an Apatosaurus.

It is attached to his belt by a Dragon Leatherworks Knife Sheath. In the novelization, Zara is in the mouth of the Pteranodon when they're both eaten by the Mosasaurus, rather than gripped in its talons in the movie.

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Owen's motorcycle is a Triumph Scrambler. In early concept art, the Indominus Rex was going to resemble a yellow Giganotosaurus with dark colored stripes on its body, and linings on its head. This version also sported quill-like feathers along its spine and under its arm.

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In Seth Engstroms' concept art of the fight scene between the Indominus Rex and the Ankylosaur, there was originally supposed to be two Ankylosaurs that were to fight the Indominus Rex instead of fleeing like in the movie, the two Ankylosaurus were supposed to be shown in a defensive stance when seeing the Indominus Rex approaching them. The website and movie mentions Archaeornithomimus ancient bird mimic , though it is unknown if that dinosaur is actually present in the park, as Claire mentions its name as to why she picked the name Indominus Rex, and how hard it is to say its name while Owen makes a joke with this theropod's name.

According to the park's website, the Creation Lab was John Hammond's favorite attraction. However, the Creation Lab was probably built after his death. However, it's unlikely because the Spinosaurus fossil has the nose comb that the real Spinosaurus had, whereas the one from Jurassic Park III did not have the same comb, and the teeth of the mount is straighter than the one seen on Isla Sorna. When working on his motorcycle, Owen is shown drinking from a Coke Classic bottle.

This is the first movie of the franchise to not have the full theme music play during the credit roll.

When Owen is called to the Indominus Rex's containment facility to aid in her disappearance, he asks Claire what kind of DNA has been used in her creation, her nonchalant response is simply "thats classified". In real life, having access to classified information requires 1 the appropriate security clearance and 2 a need to know said classified information, if Owen is being asked to help look for the Indominus Rex, that classified information would come in very handy, so why did Claire deny him that information, remember her job entails turning a profit and keeping shareholders happy.

One doesn't necessarily need to know the genetic composition of an animal to do that, Claire simply didnt know either. Gray's name is possibly a reference to his high intelligence and enormous retention for information, as a portion of the human brain is at times referred to as "Gray Matter".

When Claire responds that the Indominus Rex tried breaking the glass in response to Simon Masrani's question as to why there were cracks in the glass, this was a throw-back to Jurassic Park , where the raptor tries to break through to the control center using the glass used in the control center viewing area for the Mr. If you've ridden the Jurassic Park River Adventure water ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, you can make out a few notes from the ride when the ferry first arrives at the island, and other times during the movie.

The Indominus Rex had gone through many changes in appearance during the development of this movie.


Director Colin Trevorrow has said that it was difficult to design "because we needed it to feel grounded in genetic attributes of animals on our planet right now. One early design by Aaron McBride was similar to the one seen in the movie, but had a more triangular antorbital fenestra like that seen in members of Charcharodontosauridae the family that Giganotosaurus, one of the dinosaurs used in Indominus Rex's creation, is a member of , more quills, had only three fingers, lacked osteoderms and horns, and had a small sail located on its neck like that seen in some restorations of Acrocanthosaurus.

One early design that displays these traits featured it with a skull that resembled Abelisaurus with osteoderms the size of a large theropod like Tyrannosaurus or Gigantosaurus with arms that were more therizinosaur than the final version. This conceptual design had another variant that was used in pre-production size chart of animals that were or were planned for the movie in which it was dark gray and visibly taller than T. A toy prototype also resembles Abelisaurus like the previously mentioned concept art, but was more slender with arms like a Velociraptor, and a set of fangs on the front of each of its jaws.

Glen McIntosh also had many dissucssions with Horner and McIntosh's input was incorporated in the developing design of the hybrid. Glen McIntosh was noteably concrened about how the mouth configuration of the Indominus Rex would be, so he created several concepts that he persented to Trevorrow featuring three different choices: fully enclosed teeth like komodo dragons and the raptors, half-exposed teeth like the T.

Rex, and finally exposed, interlocking teeth like a saltwater crocodile, the latter of which was chosen. Trevorrow wanted McIntosh to pursue the exposed teeth design, and McIntosh created several concepts in responce. McIntosh also created descriptive illustrations and sketches to emphasize its osteoderms and defined several of its skull fenestrations, particularly the antorbital fenestra and the infratemporal fenestra.

The conceptual design by Seth Engstrom depicts it with a carcharodontosaurid head with iguana-like spikes running down its back. Several of the concepts by Engstrom depict it with having shorter hand digits with long therizinosaurid claws unlike the final version.

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  • Colin Trevorrow liked this trait, and thus it was implemented in the final design of the Indominus Rex. There exists three concept art pieces that showcase its underbite and are close to the hybrid's finalized appearance. The first has a more triangular antorbital fenestra like that seen in carcharodontosaurids with thick quils on its arms and lacks horns and quills on its head. Furthermore, its color scheme is a mixture of yellow and tan instead of a grayish white. The second known design depicts it with a wider skull and without quills and thumbs.

    Finally, there is a design that is nearly identical to the one seen in the movie, yet lacks horns, quills, and thumbs with a row of spikes in place of the horns and quills. At some point, the design of the eye color and eye shape of the final Indominus Rex was based on a goshawk. The Indominus Rex was later given horns by the designers to differenate it from the T.

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    Jubinville created a reference library of his own consisting of lizards, birds, and other animals when designing the dinosaur hybrid. For the hatchling, Matt Corcoran simply resculpted the model of the adult, while Jubinville created its eggshell. When creating the hatchling, the aim was to make it "creepy" instead of "cute".

    In the storyboards of this movie, the T. Rex Kingdom scene showed Rexy eating the goat in plain view. The exhibit background seems to be based on the conifer forests of Isla Sorna. Strangely, there was another way of observing the Gallimimuses in reference to the famous Gallimimus flocking scene, staff would release a Tyrannosaurus Rex presumably Rexy to hunt the Gallimimus making the herd flee to a safe room as a live audience watched. The monorail over the Mosasaurus feeding show, shown in the first trailer, was removed in the Super Bowl television spot in the Global Trailer.


    But the seventh television spot, the monorail over the Mosasaurus feeding show appeared again, although in a different path. On jurassicworld. Rex males have mistaken the digital sound of the IMAX Experience Theater as that of a potential mate, It is unclear what the website means by the statement, since there is no evidence of tyrannosaurus males on Isla Nublar in the movie canon.

    Chris Pratt does not appear until around nineteen minutes into the movie. The scene in which Zach and Gray escape the Indominus Rex is a direct nod to the jungle chase scene from Predator The two boys leap off a waterfall into a river where the Indominus Rex can also sense thermal radiation loses track of them. The boys then surface, and crawl up onto a muddy riverbank in almost the exact same fashion as Dutch Arnold Schwarzengger.

    Fans always pointed out this inaccuarcy, due to long-running use of preserved mosquitoes as scientist retrieve dinosaur dna from mosquitoes trapped in amber, how would a mosquito ever get blood from an aquatic Mosasaurus, is revealed in the movie.

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