Obtaining a marriage license in illinois

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Marriage licenses must be obtained at least one day prior to the marriage.

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The marriage must take place in Peoria County within 60 days. After your marriage, certified copies of your marriage license may be purchased. Judges will perform ceremonies in the Courthouse.

Appointments are necessary. For information regarding judges, please call the Circuit Clerk's Civil Division at Skip to Main Content.

When to Apply:

Marriage Licenses If you plan to marry in Peoria County, both parties must apply for the marriage license in our office. Online License Application In order to save yourself time, you may submit your application online prior to coming to our office.

Marriage Licenses

Age Requirements Both applicants must be present to obtain a license and be 18 years of age. Non-residents CAN NOT obtain a marriage license if the said marriage would be prohibited by the laws of the jurisdiction where they reside. The license must be returned to the County Clerk's office by the officiant of the ceremony within 10 days after the date of the marriage. A certified copy of your marriage license may be obtained from the County Clerk's office.

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Address your request to: Lee County Clerk P. Box Dixon, IL Lee County Illinois. County Clerk Links.

The Difference Between A Marriage License, A Marriage Certificate & A Certified Marriage Certificate

A valid U. If you do not have any of the above forms of identification, then you must present two 2 of the following pieces of identification: A certified copy of a birth certificate. A baptismal record the date of birth of the applicant must appear on this record.

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  • Marriage Certificates.
  • Marriage License!

A valid foreign passport. A life insurance policy, which has been in effect for one 1 year the applicant's date of birth must appear on the document.

Marriage & Civil Union Records and Licenses | McHenry County, IL

All consulate identification cards. Affidavits are not acceptable. Those giving consent must provide proper identification, including: valid driver's license; valid state identification card; valid passport.