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Sales reps try to get you to mentally equate their quantity numbers with the idea that those quantity numbers will directly equate with you getting large quantities of business. The trouble is that the quantity numbers they may be using might not have a direct correlation with the quantity numbers you need.

Even if they had more ads, all that means is that the particular company sold more ads than the other—not that more people actually would see those ads, necessarily. Many online internet yellow pages companies use similar tricks, unfortunately.

Top 57 US Business Directories to Get Your Small Business Noticed | InvoiceBerry Blog

What you really need to know is: which IYP sites have the most traffic for the type of business in your area? In many cases, you may not find free independent data on the relative market share for the yellow pages sites providing info for your region. Very generally speaking, the yellow pages associated with the major telephone services provider for your area will likely have the most users in your area.


So, if your business is located in this region you might reasonably figure that more of your consumers will likely be using Dex Knows than other IYPs, and if your business is outside of that region, your audience might not have a clue as to what Dex Knows is. There are some exceptions to this rule, and this is an area where knowing your audience could make a lot of difference.

For instance, yellow pages reviews site Yelp has been growing like gangbusters , particularly in San Francisco and California, and might have even edged out the local IYP incumbent in terms of market share:. You should probably also be represented in the major non-regional internet yellow pages, as ranked by overall market share, to hedge your bets.

How To Get Clients Using YellowPages

Major IYPs are used by a great many people, and those companies syndicate their listings and ads through a great many other sites, increasing the potential reach of your information. There are also some highly specialized yellow pages which target particular interest groups that might prefer your business over many others in the same category.

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If many of your potential customers speak a foreign language or if you are a minority-owned business, consider seeking out yellow pages sites which focus on those audiences. There are other specialized business directories targeted to particular local areas, so look for ones that might fit you. Hopefully, these tips may help you focus on the yellow pages sites which could be the most beneficial to you. Alternately, updating of your free business profile might suffice for you.

Sharjah business directory

That book covers a great many print YP advertising basics which also can translate somewhat over to online directories. They could save you some money in this space while getting you the exposure you need, so consider this option seriously. The next Yellow Pages directory edition would list your business. Now there are more options and decisions about how to list your business.

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Add an Internet listing to your business. Online searches grow in popularity every year. People tend to look online for goods and services when they are not in a rush and need a business located nearby.

People pick up the printed Yellow Pages book when they need to find business close to home in a hurry. Cast a wider net for more customers by listing your business in a regional as well as a local directory.

Internet Yellow Pages: Worth The Effort?

Target specific interest groups through specialized directories, such as those aimed at African-American, Hispanic or Asian communities. Other niches include Christian directories, women's directories and university directories. Consider co-op advertising partnership for a Yellow Pages ad if your business carries products or deals on services provided by national manufacturers or distributors.

A Yellow Pages customer service representative can help you find out about any co-op advertising possibilities.