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Our EIN is Start Your Free Search Online. Download the raw data for offline use This data was obtained from the New York City Clerk's Office through two separate New York State Freedom of Information lawsuits, one filed in mid for the portion and one in mid for the portion. XLS MB. Make a Donation to Reclaim The Records. Bride or Spouse 1 Given Name. Groom or Spouse 2 Given Name. License Year From. License Filed Bronx. Staten Island. Reset Search.

New York Marriage Records

Tips and Tricks All fields are optional , only fill out as much as you know. Soundalike surnames and spelling variants are automatically searched. For example, a search for the surname Chang will also bring up results for Zhang and Chan , a search for Schwartz also finds Swartz , a search for Russo also finds Rousseau , etc. Common nicknames are automatically searched, too. For example, a search for the given name Bill will also bring up results for William , Will , Billy , etc. Note that the soundalike name suggestions will not be as precise if you are using wildcards in your search.

Marriage Licenses, This is a three-page occasionally four-page document set originally issued by the New York City Clerk's Office. Marriage Certificates, late 19 th century - This is a two-page document set originally issued by the New York City Health Department. Domestic Partnerships, The NYC Department of Personnel began a partnership registry for city employees in August , and the City Clerk's Office began a formal registry for the general public in January XLS Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files, one file per borough except for Manhattan which was broken up into two files.

Each spreadsheet file had multiple sheets of data within it, and each sheet had a maximum of 65, entries on it. The spreadsheets' cells and columns were in text format even in cases where it was inappropriate, such as the column for license sequence license ID numbers which were a series of integers. The spreadsheets lacked a primary or unique key or auto-incrementing field. The license sequence number alone could not be used, as it was only unique within each year and possibly within each borough, and we could not be sure there were any internal database constraints to ensure it was actually a unique field.

In other words, the cells had not been "trimmed". While the spaces were not always visible, this could represent a problem if someone were importing the files directly into a SQL database or trying to a search on a name. According to one row in the Brooklyn spreadsheet, Brooklyn marriage license numbers through for the year are apparently "void". NEW: So far, we have discovered that there are at least 28, to 30, missing records for Manhattan for !

Those records do exist at the City Clerk's Office but for some reason they are not listed in this database. We'll probably discover other small batches of missing records as we continue to have people use this database. We turned the six original. XLS spreadsheets into five very large and basically-cleaned-up.

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CSV files, one for each borough, all ready for people to use in applications, data analysis, or their own research. We concatenated all the separate sheets back into single columns, trimmed the excess spaces from cells, formatted the license field as numbers instead of text, turned all instances where the middle name columns literally said "NULL" into actual NULL 's, and did other basic cosmetic fixes, but we did not attempt to change any of the actual name data, not even in cases where the names were clearly recorded with typos or other content problems.

Content problems The index files created by the New York City Clerk's Office clearly had some problems with the quality of their data: There are several obvious misspellings of common given names, like "Rchard" for "Richard" , etc. There are also many names with obviously transposed letters.

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There is no consistency about how surnames with suffixes like "Jr" are handled. The suffixes were unfortunately included in the surname column directly, not in their own column. Sometimes there will be a space before the suffix, sometimes a comma and a space, sometimes just a comma. In at least one case where someone is a so-and-so, the third , the City Clerk's Office records them as "so-and-so " rather than III. Some surnames, compound surnames, and hyphenated surnames have inconsistent spacing and punctuation in them.

For example, people whose surname was "McMann" or other names starting with "Mc" may have had their names listed in the database as "Mc Mann" with a space after the "Mc" , which would make finding these records more difficult.

The New York City Marriage Index, - presented by Reclaim The Records

If either person is under 16 years of age, the order must be from the Family Court judge of the county or borough in which the person under 16 years of age resides. No premarital examination or blood test is required to obtain a marriage license in New York State. Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.

If either you or your prospective spouse is under the age of 18 years, you are required to have written parental consent to obtain a Marriage License. A person is required to establish proof of age and identity by submitting to the issuing clerk one of the following age related documents:.

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Give the Judicial Waiver to your Marriage Officiant to enable them to perform the ceremony within the 24 hour waiting period. Proxy marriage is not permitted in New York, so no other party may apply on behalf of either spouse. A clergyman or minister of any religion, a mayor, city clerk, deputy city clerk, appointed marriage officer, justice, or judge.

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Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice.

Marriage License Laws. All Rights Reserved. New York Marriage Licenses. To get married in New York City you and your prospective spouse must appear in person at one of the five 5 borough offices. Yes, a marriage license application can be started online.

New York Marriage Licenses

However, both applicants must still appear in person, together and at the same time, at the either of the five 5 borough offices to complete the application and sign the application. Both parties must appear in person to apply for a marriage license. Photo ID and Proof of age is required. This database currently contains the indexes to over 1,, birth records from to for the five boroughs of New York City Bronx, Kings, Manhattan, Queens and Richmond. Names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York previous to New York Marriages Search Engine.

How to Find New York Marriage Records

Resources to help you obtain a birth certificate, death record, marriage license and more by mail or online. From the New York state Department of Health.

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Includes printable request forms, availability and fee information. Explains the rules for obtaining vital records certificates for genealogical research. Designed and developed by fusionSpan. Categories Follow Us. Marriage records since , but compliance with the law was slow so many events were not recorded. Death records since , but compliance with the law was slow so many events were not recorded. FamilySearch Wiki - New York Vital Records An overview of vital records for this state and information for getting them by mail or online.

New York State Vital Records Information Resources to help you obtain a birth certificate, death record, marriage license and more by mail or online.