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Video by jam8tone 3. Before attempting this, you have to make sure that you have a Phone Call in Memory, and that you have both High Stakes, Low-Rider and Just Business available on the Map, and also you will need a Parachute. This is very important, about having the Phone Call in Memory, that means you have to leave a Phone Call unanswered as you need it for this task. Also, complete the 8-Track Stadium Event before attempting this, so you won't get any unneeded added Mission Attempts.

Now onto the actual Obtaining Procedure for these Vehicles. Once your Phone Call in Memory starts ringing, cancel it by shooting a Gun. After canceling it, at the moment when the Mission Marker appears again, start counting Numbers in Seconds until the Phone Call rings again. Some Phone Calls may have a different Delay though.

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Once you get the Phone Call again, cancel it by shooting a Gun and count Numbers again, but this time, enter the Red Marker as soon as you've counted the Number which is one Second before when your Phone should ring. When you enter the Marker, hold down the Pause Button, which is Esc. Then, as soon as you hear the Phone start ringing again, release the Esc Button and hold down the Action Button, which by default is Tab. Make note that you will have to hold down Tab as soon as you start holding it, don't release it until you get to the Moment where I tell you to release it.

Sometimes the Phone will ring right away, so holding down Esc won't be needed.

Once you've managed this Part and you're still holding down Tab, get out of the Hotring Racer and blow it up to fail the Stadium Event. Don't release the Tab Button at any cost. Now, be very, very, extremily careful at this Part. This Part can break the Game, so be extremily cautious about this Part.

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  • If the Mission starts again, then you've failed this Procedure, then you'll need to quit the Game and start it again and reload. If you've done everything correctly, Carl will exit the chosen Lowrider for the Mission and a Red Marker will be active at Cesar's House. Avoid the Red Marker like the devil while driving a Lowrider.

    If you follow him, the AP Lowriders will be stuck in the Ground. The Aztecas are actually AP, so the only way to kill them is by punching them with a Parachute. Once all three are dead, get inside an AP Lowrider, drive it to any of your Safehouse Garage and store it, go back to the Starting Grid and get the second one and park it in the Garage, same story for the third AP Vehicle.

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    Make absolutely sure that all three AP Vehicles are in the Garage, but that they don't touch each other, otherwise they will disappear. Once that is done and the Vehicles do not touch each other in the Garage, get to the Marker to start Just Business. Start the Mission and it should start duplicated, skip the Cutscene and drive to the Garage where you stored the AP Vehicles.

    Once you get there, open the Garage Door and close it. Then afterwards blow up Smoke's Glendale to fail Just Business, as it's needed for the procedure. Once the Mission has failed, open and close the Garage Door just to be sure. It's your choice if you want to obtain it or not though. Keep that in mind if you're aiming for the lowest Mission Attempts possible.

    GTA:SA Cars

    The Rare Vehicles are explained after the Conversion Explanation. Now drive your desired Vehicle to the Red Marker at the Docks.

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    • It's simple as that. Now you can either Fail or Pass the Mission, depending on if the Vehicle you're converting right now is the Final one or not. The Video shows both Fail and Pass Methods. Let him get away or run past him to get into the nearby PCJ or Banshee to lose him. Video by Lethal Vaccine 3. You can only make one EP Vehicle per Save though.

      To make a Vehicle EP, you will need to pass the Mission. Get inside the Warehouse and do the Shootout Part as normal. Once he gets inside the Banshee, it will become EP, as soon as he gets inside it, get into it and yank him out of the EP Banshee. Once inside, run over the Russian Goon or kill him any way you like to pass the Mission. Video by Dooom41k 4. Impounds like to delete Vehicles if you're not careful, so you'll first need to learn how to use them before obtaining these Vehicles. Kill all Russians inside and when you get outside kill every Russian Mafia Member except for the two, which are the most far away from where you exit the Atrium.

      Don't kill those, but instead let Big Smoke kill them.

      When you've killed the Russians except for the two, jump down and run straight south-east to the Sprunk Vending Machine at the Gas Station where a Broadway usually spawns. Just stand in front of the Vending Machine, you don't need to drink Sprunk. Make note that due to the fact that Carl stood in front of the Vending Machine, you can now get out of the BF, which isn't possible without it during the Mission. Make sure that none of your Vehicles have vanished.

      If one vanishes, you'll have to reload and do everything again. Once this is done, you will see the AP Packer vanish, but don't worry as it'll be teleported to the Los Santos Impound and stored there. This is a neat Trick of storing Vehicles in Impounds. If all is done correctly, check the Properties for the three Vehicles just for all time's sake. You would need a Controller hooked into your Mobile Device just to get these Vehicles. Good luck obtaining it, also remember to always check the AP Packer in the LS Impound once in a while to assure that it hasn't vanished in your Save File.

      Once you're there, close the SA App at that precise moment and come back to it. You'll see the AP Sultan in the Air, just get inside it and drive it to the Garage and store it there. It might take a few tries to accomplish this though.

      Memory Addresses (SA) - GTAMods Wiki

      Make note that this one, just like the AP Packer, is not possible on Mobile without a Controller plugged in the Device. Both will be explained of course and for both, you will need a Parachute and you need to have no Vehicles with Extras in the LS Impound. The Beginning Part of both Methods is the same. Start the Mission and you'll see that the Bike you used has vanished and is currently stored in the LS Impound. Drive to the Atrium and kill all Russians inside, when you get outside kill some Russians except for the three on the far left.

      Leave those Russians alone for Smoke to kill them. Once that is done, immediately run to the Impound and keep your Camera on the Impound Zone so the fast Bike doesn't despawn. In other words, get inside the Impound Garage Zone while properly entering it. Get to your Impounded Bike and drive it out, stay there for a little bit at the entrance of the Impound, then quickly get to the Info Icon at the Police Station. Now this is the tricky part where you need to be extremily lucky to pull this off.

      If done correctly and just like shown in the Video, the Camera will be fixed at Smoke and the Bike, but you can still navigate Carl using the Radar. This may take a few tries to pull off and it's extremily luck based, so be patient with it. So, if you get to this Part and the BF is somehow not NE, meaning that it has the Exhausts, then reload and try again.