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After the subject discharged his handgun at the on-scene officers and refused all communication, a barricade situation was initiated.

A Chicago police officer shot and killed a man she had been chasing after he jumped her in an alley, punched her and tried to grab her gun Thursday morning in the Englewood neighborhood, officials said. The chase began about 2 a. The driver took off with the officers in pursuit, said Pat Camden, a police spokesman. The car slammed into a garage in the block of South Emerald Avenue, and the men jumped out and ran, Camden said.

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An officer followed one of the men into a dark gangway, where the man jumped out, punched her in the face and grabbed for her gun, Camden said. As the two struggled, the officer began to feel faint. Fearing she would lose her grip on her gun, the officer shot the man, Camden said. Devon Ross, 27, of the block of East 60th Street, was pronounced dead at the scene, said the Cook County medical examiner's office. Neighbors reported someone was outside shooting. Police responded to the scene and said Mark was in the driveway with his gun.

The police told the press he pointed the gun at them. They shot him. His son's mother told journalists none of the police reports of the three officers who responded say anything about him pointing a gun at them. Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. On June 4, , at approximately a. The investigation revealed the occurrence of the following events. Lawrence Kitchen became involved in a dispute with a neighbor's visitor over parking in the multi-unit residential property. Kitchen armed himself with a shotgun and handgun. He confronted Michelle Velasquez and shot her with the shotgun, injuring her and killing a small dog she was holding.

Kitchen then pointed his weapon at Eusebio Ruiz who was attempting to seek refuge in apartment 1. Kitchen shot Ruiz in the torso and leg.

Bay County Arrest Report: March 12222

When confronted by officers and instructed to drop the weapon and get down, he pointed his weapon at Lompoc Police Officers Dan Sessions and Willie Francis. Both officers fired at Kitchen. They hit Kitchen twice. Kitchen died at the scene.

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The District Attorney's role in reviewing this homicide is to determine whether the shooting of Lawrence Alan Kitchen was lawful and to provide a detailed explanation to the public about the facts and the law in that regard. As stated in Graham v. Connor U. The officers stopped their patrol vehicle behind the vehicle. As the officer began to approach, the driver of the vehicle quickly exited and brief struggle ensued.

During the struggle, one of the officers noticed the driver had armed himself with a gun. Weapon was recovered.

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Police respond to domestic violence call. Officer struggles with suspect after flight. Officer's weapon falls on ground and is picked up by suspect. Officer shoots suspect dead. Happened during a drug bust. During the search they suspects opened fire and 5 to 6 officers returned fire. Went to check on the well being of a 56 year old women.

The officer said Kevin became upset and closed the door. He returned with a firearm and aimed it at the officer. After repeated requests to drop his weapon Schneider shot 4 times. The driver of the Nissan got out with a knife and tried to attack the driver of the Chevy. He apperently stabbed a private security guard before the officer arrived.

Massachusetts Local News, Breaking News, Sports and Weather

The officer told him to put the knife down, which he didn't and she shot him in the leg. He reached for the gun and she shot the suspect once more. Heenan was drunk. The neighbor called the police. When police arrived, Heenan apparently was confrontational. The police officer claims that Heenan went for his gun, resulting in officer Heimsness firing three rounds into Heenan's upper torso. Heimsness was later cleared of any wrongdoing, but the situation wreaks of bullshit.

Heenan entered a neighbor's home while intoxicated, neighbor called police, police responded after everyone realized the mistake, neighbor's attempted to get the officer's to back down, Officer Heimsness felt threatened by Heenan and murdered him. Shot in the back while fleeing from police after an attempted robbery on a grocery store.

Just after 3 a. They came across suspicious vehicle which took off. The officers were in pursuit when the suspect's vehicle crashed and the officers stated that Taveres aimed his gun at an officer and shot him in the shoulder.

Taveres took off but officers found him. He was shot and killed after he refused to listen to a detective's commands and tried to flee. The two others in the car with Taveres were caught shortly after. A man was shot after leaving a home near Edmonson Avenue with what appeared to be a concealed weapon.

He got into a car, three officers opened fire on him and he was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Police failed to find a weapon on or near him. No further information found. The incident happened at a. When police arrived to the 3rd floor unit of the building, they were confronted by an occupant of the apartment, police said.


The confrontation led police to fatally shoot the person, police said. Witnesses reported Dorfrman was firing a gun in the air after disturbing online posts outlining plans for random killings. A car chase ended with Valdez shooting Dorfman to death. Darkis was intoxicated and was in possession of a handgun on his front porch.

He had been arguing with his girlfriend earlier in the evening and was very upset according to his friends.

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Officers attempted to get Darkis to surrender his weapon, but he refused. Officers used a taser and a weapon that discharges a small bean-bag in attempt to diffuse the situation, but both non-lethal weapons were unsuccessful. At approximately p. In order to protect themselves and other officers on scene, several of the officers fired their weapons. Darkis was struck multiple times and was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes where he was pronounced dead several minutes later. No officers were injured.